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Vision & Mission

Under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India and as per the agreed document of the board of trustees of the college, the college is an imperative need for a large number of untrained graduate and intermediate youths of this region. There is a huge demand for trained teachers in the region and it is therefore, felt important to prepare new generation teachers to shape 21st Century schools and students. The objective is to create teachers with difference as role model in the society to face the new challenges coming in the classroom teaching learning methodologies and knowledge construction. In this changing global scenario, Jharkhand has its own take and we with best of our abilities can bring brilliance in education delivery system. We could be catalytic in making a model state once we ensure educational system effective at the ground level by deploying quality teachers on task. We are committed to prepare best teachers who later could discharge their national obligations by making India a glorious nation.


Our Vision

  • To prepare new generation teachers to face the global challenges of education.
  • To provide quality training to become teachers of tomorrow with adequate knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • To promote research in education & technology to produce professionals who participate in comprehensive development and growth to build a strong nation.
  • To provide opportunity to every aspiring individual who wish to become 'teacher' especially from the backward areas and strong the minority communities within the state of Jharkhand.

Our Mission

  • Building an institution which creates teachers of academic integrity and accountability.
  • Creating an urge for innovating new methodologies in teaching learning processes by latest technologies.
  • A firm belief in 'change' to make the education system effective at the ground level.
  • Holding the values while nurturing the young aspiring teachers, demonstrating sincerely, dedication and team work.
  • Encouraging activities which promote public good, democratic principles of freedom and justice and unfettered spirit of nationality.