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Basically, classroom environment is essential to promote and stimulate collaborative learning. Collaborative learning increases a student's self-awareness about how other students learn and enables them to learn more easily and effectively, transforming them into keen learners inside and beyond classroom.

In Fatma teachers' Training College there are seven class rooms. Two class rooms on the ground floor, two on the second floor and three class rooms on the third floor. Our class rooms are attractive, comfortable and respectable place. It is a place where we get knowledge. Our class rooms are airy and specious. It is very neat and clean. It has two doors, four windows, four ventilations, four ceiling fans and four bulbs. There are thirty desk benches in all the classrooms. There is podium in every class room. There is black board on the wall. There are maps, charts, pictures on its walls. We have also one smart LED in one class room where we take our classes periodically. class rooms are very beautiful. We are impressed by our class rooms.