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To keep on update with the latest happening and to correlate it to the history merging it with technology. The Students need the resource of information. The library at Fatma Teachers’ Training College maintains the record of the entire requirement to create to the need of students the lists of books is being upgraded as per the requirement from time to time. The Library of the Institute uses Library Management Software . Library has Membership for Magazines, Journals, e-journals, e-books etc,. Fatma Teachers’ Training College library has subscription of various international and national journals and periodicals including magazine and newspaper in the both languages Hindi and English.

Rules for Library

  • Library will be kept open from 9.30 am to 4.45 pm.
  • Complete silence must be observed inside the library. Members should not be allowed to carry out any kind of conversation or discussion in the library.
  • All students and staff are the members of the library.
  • Before entering the library personal textbooks and other belongings are kept outside the library.
  • All students are required to register their names at the time of their entry and exit from the library in the movement register.
  • Books are issued to the students on Readers Ticket.
  • A student can borrow two books at a time for a period of 10 days. A fine of 2/- per day will be charged for lateness.
  • Members can renew books twice, provided they are not reserved by other members.
  • Books should be returned on or before the date stamped last on the date slip.
  • Students shall not sub lend the books of the library.
  • If any books is lost either should be replaced or double the cost of it should paid by the concerned person.
  • Magazines and reference books will not be issued to the members.
  • Library books / Magazines should be kept in good condition. They should not be disfigured or mutilate. If any damage is done to the books / magazines their cost will be realised from the respective persons.
  • Librarian can recall any books at any time.
  • Loss of Readers Ticket should be reported immediately to the librarian and duplicate cards will be issued on payment of Rs.50/-.
  • Books / Readers Ticket issued to the students should be returned at the end of the academic year.