• Land is available in the name of the College having (Khata No. 14, plot No. 155 and area 64 decimal.
  • Total Building Area: 3518.29 (in sq. mts)
  • Type of College: Co-educational
  • Status of College: Minority
  • Financial Support: Self Financed
  • Facilities such as water, electricity and toilet are available.
  • Sufficient furniture available for students and staff.
  • Multipurpose Hall with seating capacity of 200 and a Dias (2000 sq. ft)
  • Six Class Room
  • Library–cum-Reading Room
  • Tutorial Room
  • Learning Resource Room:
    (1) ICT Resource Centre
    (2) Computer Lab
    (3) Language Lab
    (4) Art and Craft Resource Centre
    (5) Health and Physical Education Resource Centre
    (6) Curriculam Lab
  • Principal’s Office
  • Two Staff Room
  • Administrative Office
  • HOD Room
  • Visitors Room
  • Separate Common Room for Boys & Girls
  • Seminar Room
  • Music Room
  • Educational Toys Room
  • Separate Toilet facility for Boys and Girls
  • Parking Space
  • Two Store Rooms
  • Multipurpose Playfield
  • Open space for Additional Accommodation
  • Canteen


The college has been provided with good library with text and reference books, Dictionaries, Education Encyclopedia, Year Book, Electronic publication, CD-Rom and journals on teacher education.


There are books on Science, Psychology, Health Education, Physiology and Anatomy laboratory with apparatus and Modles for experiments related to education are available.


Facilities for both indoor as well as outdoor games are available in the college.